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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 3 - The Lord is Full of Love!

The heart shape is a symbol of love...

As you create these fun crafts with your kids, remind them of God's love. His love is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger...abounding! His love is forgiving and merciful.

You may also want to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to learn more about love.

The Lord is full of love! [Psalm 103:8]

Julie's heart clips
Sew felt heart hair clips with a simple tutorial from Julie's Blog.

Jill Dubien shares tutorials for a thumbprint heart necklace and thumbprint heart ring. These are great! Remind your child of Psalm 139:13-14...that God made them! Each individual is unique and has a unique thumbprint. Then remind your child of God's great love for him or her.

Jill's thumb print rings
In Matthew 6, Jesus reminds us that we are precious to God and that He will take care of us. He points out that God provides food for the birds...and we are more precious to Him than those little birds. Of course, He will take care of us! [Matthew 6:26] 

bird seed ornament

You can talk about these verses with your children as you make heart-shaped bird seed ornaments and feed the birds near your home. Intimate Weddings provides a simple tutorial.

image source: bhg.com
Or craft a lollipop flower with heart shaped paper, and remind your kids that God clothes the flowers of the field...and will lovingly provide for each of them too! [Matthew 6:28-34] Then have a lollipop party - or deliver a lollipop bouquet to someone else who may need a reminder of God's love. Hostess Jo shares the how-to.

paper heart mobile
Paper Crafts shares an idea for creating a heart mobile out of strips of paper.

You could also make stained glass hearts with crayon shavings and Little Birdie Secrets' instructions.

Talk with your children about sin and God's plan of salvation.

Let these craft projects be a reminder to your family throughout the week of God's great love for each of us!

Many craft ideas were found via One Pretty Thing.

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