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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 1 - The World

"The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth..." Acts 17:24

To get a sense of God's greatness and the wonder of His handiwork, craft a paper mache earth (or solar system!) with Enchanted Learning.
source: aBitofThisandThat.com

Your child may be surprised to find that this beautiful world is not just one big, boring rock. Discover the many layers this world is made of with A Bit of This and That's Layers of the Earth.

Make a "stained glass" earth with crayon shavings, following DLTK's tutorial. Or, for something even simpler, try making a coffee filter earth. Fun! 

Here's a video that attempts to display our infinite universe that will leave you marveling at God's creative genius, and a great way to demonstrate Psalm 19:1. {...The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.}  

Week 1 - A Wise Creator

source: true-wildlife.blogspot.com
As we study the world around us, we will see what a wise and wonderful Creator we have!

Here are some links to educational online video on the subjects of creation and nature from a Biblical perspective.

- Visit Kids Answers' video page.

- Exploration films has produced several videos presenting a case for creation vs. evolution. View Creatures that Defy Evolution herehere and here.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 1 - Stand-up Paper Animals

God made the world - and everything in it.
He made all the creatures who live on our earth.

Crayola has a great collection of free coloring pages and activities on their website.

We found these fun stand-up animals to color, cut and construct.

For this project you will need:
-access to a printer
-white card stock
-crayons, markers or colored pencils

Print the activity pages and follow the directions on each page. Note: smaller children may need an adult to cut and assemble the stand-up animals for them.

These links will take you to the printable pages on Crayola's site:


As you work on this project with your kids, talk with them about creation.

Here are some ideas of questions to ask your children as you begin a dialog with them:

   *What colors did God give to different animals?

   *Do you have a favorite animal?

   *What is it?

   *What do you like about that animal?

   *Why do you think God made that animal the way He did?

You could also read the story of creation to your children while they color their pages, this story can be found in Genesis 1-2.

At the end of your activity, remind your children of the verse, Acts 17:24-25 and help them to read or recite the verse from their memorization level [1,2 or 3].

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 1 - God Made Bugs

source: Meet The Dubiens
God made the world...
...and EVERYTHING in it.

God made the sun, the clouds, the grass, the birds, the fish and...the bugs.

Here are a few fun bug and other creepy crawly crafts we found:

source: Canon Creative Park
Jill Dubien shares her adorable seashell snails with a how-to.

Make a message-carrying clothespin butterfly with instructions from TLC. Then you could write out Acts 17:24-25 on a piece of paper and set it in the clothespin.
Talk with your children about how butterflies declare the glory of God to the world.

For older students and/or those with some serious crafting talent, you might have fun visiting What I Made to download instructions for making pencil and paperclip bugs.

Also for older grades [Jr. High and up], you can find many various insect models to create from paper templates at Canon Creative Park. You can also find animals and science models there too.

Week 1 - Nature Walk

source: Cultivated Lives
This is an activity all ages can enjoy!

For this activity you will need:
- feet


Okay, well maybe a few other items you may want to have could be:
- water and snacks to bring along
- binoculars
- magnifying glass
- bug catcher
- notebook & pencils [to take notes or draw pictures on your walk/hike]
- paper and tape or glue [if you choose to make a nature collage]
- a bag or box to collect items [such as rocks, flowers and leaves]

source: Cultivated Lives
You could visit a local park, hike a favorite trail or even take an expedition through your back yard. Have your children observe the plants and wildlife around them; take notes in a journal or draw sketches of things they see. If appropriate, have your children collect samples of various leaves, flowers etc. You can try to identify each one later - or create a collage of the items you have gathered. You may want to go on a bug safari. How many different kinds of bugs and insects can you find?

Walk through a garden and observe the many colors, shapes and smells that God gave to plants.
Explore a garden and learn how seeds grow to become food for us.

As you view nature with your family, talk together about this week's memory verse, Acts 17:24-25.

Ask questions & begin conversations about your experience...
* What kind of things has God made?
* How can we care for the things that God made?
* Look at the variety of nature - God is so creative!

If you are studying Psalm 86:11, 13 [week 8], some questions and considerations might be:
*What kind of dangers might we face if we head down the wrong path?
*How do we know which path to take? [Is there a map, a guide...a leader to follow?]

You can read some ideas for exploring God's creation through a nature walk or hike on these other sites too:

Cultivated Lives - Nature Walk: A Few of the Endless Possibilities
Cultivated Lives - Why Nature Walks?
Nature Walk Ideas and Projects

You may find useful activities on these pages too:

Check out these printable summer activity pages provided by Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives.
Here you can find some ideas for learning about God's creation.
Heather at Cultivated Lives has compiled a list of books that inspire nature exploration.

Week 1 - Acts 17:24-25

Welcome to Week 1 at Grow Little Seeds!

If you have not already read the post for this week at Sow Little Seeds, we encourage you to head that way first and then look over the information and resources we have provided there.

You may also want to read our Getting Started page and begin this week by printing memory verse cards, making boxes to store them in and preparing progress charts for your family.

Below you will find a list of links to more printable activities on our blog. You can always find links to current and past printables on the side panel under our "Pages" list. We have prepared various activities for three different levels of learning: beginner/easy [level 1], intermediate [level 2] and challenging [level 3].

These activities include Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Cut-Out Words, Trace & Draw activities as well as other fun ways to practice the memory verses each week and consider what God wants us to learn from them.

Here are links to printable activities for Week 1:

Word Search Puzzles:
Week 1: Acts 17:24, Level 2 [intermediate]
Week 1: Acts 17:24, Level 2 Answer Key
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25, Level 3 [challenging]
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25, Level 3 Answer Key

Word Scramble Activity Pages:
Week 1: Acts 17:24, Level 2 [intermediate]
Week 1: Acts 17:24, Level 2 Answer Key
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25, Level 3 [challenging]
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25, Level 3 Answer Key

Cut-Out Word Pages:
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25 [solid line]
Week 1: Acts 17:24-25 [tracing]

More Activities:
Week 1: Acts 17:24 - Draw & Trace - level 1 [beginner]

Throughout the beginning part of each week [generally Sunday through Wednesday] you may find more posts on our blogs with ideas for memorizing, studying and exploring God's Word together. Each week, we have a theme or several themes in mind. This week our memory verse is Acts 17:24-25.

"The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands. And He is not served by human hands, as if He needed anything, because He Himself gives all men life and breath and everything else."

This verse has been shortened for those who are memorizing at levels 1 & 2.

This week our central thought is on the God who made us.

Who is this God?
What did God make?
Why did God make us?
If God made me, do I belong to Him?

These are some questions you may want to explore this week as you learn these verses with your children. We will continue to build on these thoughts throughout the coming month.

We encourage you to read through the discussion questions and pray that God will lead you as you begin talking with your family about these verses. Pray for the hearts of your children. As you plant the seeds of God's Word, the Bible, into their minds, continue to nourish that seed.

Water it with reminders of His truth throughout the day; look for opportunities to talk with them about this God who made us.  Feed these seeds with the light of Christ as you reflect His love in your conversation and interactions with your family. And be patient as you wait for those little seeds to sprout up and show some fruit. We may plant and water, but God is the one who gives life - He is the one who makes things grow. Trust Him with the hearts of your children - He designed each one of them and loves them dearly.

We are so glad you have joined us this first week and pray that you will be encouraged by the material provided here on Grow Little Seeds and our companion blog Sow Little Seeds.

In His great love,
The Little Seeds Team