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Branch Out

Below are some links and resource suggestions you may find useful as you study and memorize God's Word.

The Blue Letter Bible 's mission is "to facilitate an in-depth study of God's Word through an online interactive reference library..." [you can read more about this resource here].  Besides the many free tools and reference sources provided by this site, the team at Blue Letter Bible has also compiled a list of useful links to various Christian ministries. You may view their list here.

Seeds Family Worship is an excellent resource for Bible memorization. Their Scripture music is fun for kids, AND enjoyable for parents to listen to as well. This is a great tool to teach your family God's Word. You can listen to their songs and purchase CDs online [and in various Christian bookstores]. Read about their vision for sharing CDs - we think this is awesome!

The Lamb, written by John R. Cross and illustrated by Ian Mastin is a fantastic book to explain to children the whole of the Bible's message of redemption. The book is written in short chapters, with colorful and thought-provoking pictures on each page. At the end of each chapter is a series of questions for readers to answer [with answers provided in the back].

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, also written by John R. Cross is similar to The Lamb, but is written for adults who have little or no previous Bible study background. It is written for those who wish to investigate the Bible. Written as a narrative, this book explains the story of the Bible chronologically from beginning to end. The goal of this more detailed book is to present the Bible's message in a clear and logical way.

Answers in Genesis is a site dedicated to relating the relevance of a literal Genesis to the church and the world today with creativity, and to obey God's call to deliver the message of the gospel, individually and collectively. Browse through their "Get Answers" section to find a list of helpful articles on the subjects of creation and evolution. Visit Kids Answers to find a collection of resources for educating your children, and some fun activities to encourage intrest in studying science and the natural world.