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Getting Started...

Welcome to Grow Little Seeds!!!

If you have not already, you may want to take a moment and read about our vision and purpose for this blog and how this project is intended to work.

Below are a few links to get you started.

First, you will want to make some printable memory verse cards. These memory cards are available to print at several different levels: easy, intermediate and challenging. You may also choose to print our blank lined cards and write out each verse in the Bible version you use, or simplify a verse for young children or those with learning disabilities. Generally, our memory verse cards use text from the NIV.

Once your memory verse cards have been printed, you will need a way to store the cards you are not yet using. We have provided printable boxes designed to hold your cards. You can view and download the various memory verse box templates on our Sow Little Seeds blog.

You may also want to print a progress chart to motivate and track your family's memorization. You can track progress daily, weekly or by verse completion [or any other way you'd like to]. We have provided several printable options for you to use and modify.

Next you can head over to Sow Little Seeds [our companion blog]. There you will find all our new memory verses, discussion questions, and occassionally you will find links providing information to help you as you study and share conversations about various Biblical topics with your family.

Here on our Grow Little Seeds site you will find many printable activities and suggested resources to help you and your children as you memorize God's Word together. You can browse our site by date using our archive catalog, use our search button to look for ideas for a specific verse, or visit our activity pages [on the right side column] where you will find each activity [such as Word Searches or Cut-Out Words] categorized by week numbers and verse location [book, chapter and verse].

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you would like to contact us for any other reason, you may send an email to sowlittleseeds@hotmail.com. Please summarize your message in the subject line so your email is not overlooked and we are able to direct your message appropriately. Thanks!